The 1031 Exchange Tax Law is up for significant changes or potential disappearance.

VisionWise Capital has announced a solution that will carefully guide you and your family through the process of a 1031 Exchange, from the property you choose to sell to a property you would be delighted to own, with NO BROKER COMMISSIONS, NO NON-PERFORMING BUYERS, NO CURRENT INCOME TAXES, NO STRESS, AND NO LOSS OF FREEDOM before the GAME is changed forever! (1)

VisionWise Capital is NOT a broker. We are the Principal and Manager of a series of multifamily real estate investment Funds that have been very successful buying and renovating over $100 million of apartment properties for the past nine years. We are on your side! We have facilitated exchanges with other investors and can likely help you reduce the risks of finding and properly executing your 1031 Exchange. We identify a performing investment property and efficiently help you with the purchase (2), with your name on title to a rental property that you SELECT BEFORE YOU BUY.

We see a lot of deals. In October alone, we evaluated 51 apartment properties for sale, completed a full analysis on 30 of those properties, wrote 4 purchase offers and are scheduled to close escrow on two of the four by year-end, all within driving distance from Dana Point. This reflects just one month of activity.

Save yourself a lot of time and money. A phone call costs very little to save what could be a lifetime of your family’s future earnings. Call us today at 949-441-5580, or you can email my Assistant at

Don’t Miss Out!

(1) This VWC Exchange Service is available only while the IRC 1031 is still an available and unchanged tax code.
(2) VisionWise Capital can be available to Co-Invest as an equity Tenant-In-Common to right-size the investment for you. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

VWC Blog

VWC Blog

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