I successfully sold my RIA practice and have a unique understanding of the business and the importance of private placements to create diversification and enhance client returns.”

Sanford Coggins Founder/CEO



Our clients are registered investment advisors nationwide whose asset management strategy includes private placement real estate. We understand the needs of RIAs when it comes to compliance, reporting, and risk.

For your accredited high net worth clients who seek alternative assets, VisionWise Capital provides an opportunity to invest in small multi-family real estate properties with lower than industry standard fees and a high degree of operational transparency.

Many high net worth clients are seeking alternatives to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, EFT holdings and appreciate the availability of a low-fee alternative in comparison to REITs and other high fee alternatives. RIAs find our strategy valuable for retention of high net worth clients and as a marketing differentiator while appreciating our risk adverse approach where assets are never leveraged with bank debt beyond 50% LTV.

For RIAs not currently offering private placements to their clients, we provide education/training on real estate best practices, risk and reward evaluations and the due diligence process. The management team is available to meet you and your clients to tour properties and discuss the business plan and investment strategy for each location.

VisionWise Capital Provides RIAs:

  • An Alternative Investment Option

Real estate investment can play a vital role in optimizing a portfolio’s performance and offering strategic diversification.

  • Safety of Principal

The primary investment objective of VisionWise Capital is safety of principal. Due to the restrictions associated with bank debt, our operating principles allow for a maximum Loan-To-Value ratio of 50% per acquisition.

We believe the greatest risk in owning real estate is not the real estate but the amount of debt in the capital structure. By limiting the LTV to 50% or less, we are strategically mitigating foreclosure in the event of a negative market cycle, similar to those down cycles that many real estate investors were unable to survive in 1987, 1992, 2002, and 2009.

By observation, nearly all failed real estate investments during these previous down cycles were the result of the borrowers’ failure to meet loan covenants (conditions of the loan that require the property to maintain high levels of operating performance even during soft economic conditions).

  • Low Fees

Compared to REITs and large private placements, VisionWise Capital maintains low management fees to help enhance investor returns.

  • Tax Advantages

The private placements are direct real estate investments and will therefore provide each Class Member with a Schedule K1 reflecting a proportionate share of the partnership income, losses, deductions, depreciations and credits.

  • Retirement Accounts

Private placements, via a Custodian, can be directed to certain tax advantaged accounts.