We pride ourselves on investment transparency.  We invite detailed questions from our RIA partners and their clients”.
– Sanford Coggins, Founder/CEO


Q. Does VisionWise Capital invest in its own Funds?
A. Yes. We have “skin in the game” and our financial interests are aligned with our investors.

Q. What is your fee structure?
A. Each Fund is different; the average upfront costs are between 2%-4% with an 80/20 split of profits after investors receive their return of capital. The VWC Orange County Multifamily Fund has a front-end load of 2.66%. Please see the Private Placement Memorandum for full disclosure regarding all fees.

Q. How frequently are financial reports distributed?
A. All financial data is available for review. Quarterly reporting ensures transparency and creates accountability for the Funds’ performance.

Q. Are RIAs and investors allowed to visit a property?
A. Yes, we encourage RIAs and investors to visit the properties and if available, we will make the necessary arrangements for a formal tour.

Q. Is there a business plan and overall strategy with each acquisition?
A. Yes, having a business plan in place is a key operating principle of VisionWise Capital. Location, historical trends and surrounding demographics are important considerations, in addition to: creating property management efficiencies, evaluating internal and external improvements, and understanding the projected lifespan of the opportunity.